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"Hey, some stories are timeless and upbeat. Quirky View, half hour " show and tell" program rebroadcastsSunday August 7 at 4:30pm on NTV, in Newfoundland and Labrador. Catch it if you can. You may see a familiar face or a fun segment to make you smile. "


We capture the quirkiness at home and around the world.

Quirky is not just a trend or hobby- it’s a lifestyle! Passion, creativity, and so much heart it’s contagious. All it takes to join the ranks of “ Quirky People with Quirky Views” is sharing what you're passionate about with the world. 

Quirky View productions are fun, frank, and fascinating- reminding us of the beauty of everyday life.  

We  talk to real people doing real things, meaningful things. 

No scripts, no “reality TV.” Just people being themselves. 

Come join the Quirky movement and tell us what it means to you.  (linked to Facebook) 

Stay tuned for more Quirky!  

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