My realtor friend sent me a flyswatter in the shape of a house, as part of her promotional, remember-me swag. It is a flyswatter in the shape of a red flex-plastic house, with holes and a chimney. It does the job I must say. It seems some kind of cluster fly tribe decided to hunker down somewhere in my home, and got excited by daylight savings time, and now fill up the windows as the sun sets. Loving the warmth perhaps? 

Funny how you can be reading or doing something and then all of a sudden you become aware of this buzzing humming sound . You look up, and OMG, there are 25 flies on the inside of the window that seem to have birthed themselves out of thin air. Maybe it's magic but that's bad magic. Hence the flyswatter. 

Now I googled "where did these house flies come from" and it says they aren't houseflies, they are these cluster flies, bigger and slower. Which is true. You actually can catch some with your finger or hand. If they are on a window screen you can put your finger on one and roll it. They are slow but boy do they multiply out of thin air. It is weird and creepy. Probably not quirky, except when I get that red flyswatter, I may appear quirky....or possessed. Today I swatted over 50, and it seems by ridding yourself of those buzzing critters, it makes room for a whole other army of them. Could they be returning from the dead? 

I have no answers, or a great story to add to Quirky View about Fly Clusters, but it was on my mind, so here I am sharing. And it is a disturbing mystery I seem unable to solve, at least for today.

The Quirk Goes On

The Quirk does goes on whether we are looking or not. 

"Why", asking why, seems an important part of seeing life in a quirky way. Wondering WHY,  leads to so many great stories, and helps blow out the mind's cobwebs and preconceived stickiness. There are many things we trudge along, doing the mainstream or expected thing, we just accept as that's the way it is. And sometimes the way something is, can make us miserable, yet suddenly saying wait a minute, wait a minute, and asking ourselves WHY? well that can just turn a dark day into a rainbow. 

I'm sure we've all been told things by someone older or in authority, "This is how it is done." Or "This is what good people do." And even though we knew ourselves to be a good person, what they were suggesting drained us of energy, maybe even made us feel like we didn't fit. 

There are even subtle behaviors we know regular people don't do, for example, if you were to sing as you walked along the street by yourself, sadly we live in a western world where that would probably get odd looks. And that is just for singing!  Or imagine laughing publicly loudly on one's own? Why now do we interpret those behaviors in certain settings as odd? It might be we have lost a lot of trust and sense of relaxed fun, as when we aren't worried or self-conscious, our behaviors are closer to being our true nature. Human Nature. And asking WHY is a discerning approach, as many of the beliefs or rules we live by and haven't questioned, may not represent us, or our thinking or our sensibilities, our principles or our motivations. So asking WHY is a great liberator to getting to our own quirky truth sometimes. 

Quirky Mobile 2015

On Saturday, September 12 our Quirky View, New Mexico State Fair production team, Mary Broemel, Anne Carter Stirling, Karen Cunningham and Jacqueline Murray Loring surprised Albuquerque parade spectators in their Quirky Mobile, a 1932 Ford 1 ½ ton truck.  The truck, donated for the occasion by Paul (Bill) Beck, was decorated celebrating famous New Mexicans in film and television. Kippur Flax designed the truck’s creative film theme decorations with help in construction by Karen Cunningham, Mary Broemel and Jacqueline Murray Loring. 

The Quirky mobile was positioned in the parade as number 105.  Their mission, as they waited in the fairgrounds lot, was to search for quirky stories! Stories of little girls with giga-normous tiaras, a hologram man, minions, high school, country and rock bands, a parade train, horses and tractors are just a few stories our team encountered and documented using their

cell-phone cameras. It was a Quirky View filmmaker dreams come true situation.

Parade spectators were awed by the question “Are you Quirky? and the catchphrase “Get your Quirk on!” Some responded with a polite wave and many with boisterous shouts.  Spectators couldn’t wait to get the attention of the Quirky team member, Karen Cunningham, handing out Quirky View business cards with information on how to learn more on Quirky View’s website and to participate in Quirky View’s photo contest.  The judges at the viewing stand were impressed with the truck and the excitement of a new TV show being produced in Albuquerque.  Finally, thanks to Quirky View team member Winter Elise for her quick turnaround on placing photos of the parade from the production team on social media.

Footage of the parade is planned for a segment on Quirky View.

Congratulations Quirky View!  You know how to “Get your Quirk on!” at a parade!


We're Not Just Fooling Around

We are a group of independent filmmakers with a vision. Upbeat offbeat programming showcasing the best people have to offer and inspire from around the world. We are building a new company with a new business model. Green, socially responsible, and community oriented we want to show the amazing things ordinary people are out there doing to make a difference in the world.

Join us on our journey from an idea, to a business model, to a lucrative producing organization. It’s proving to be a bumpy ride blazing a new trail. The paperwork just keeps coming, but we are trudging through it with smiles plastered to our faces and tears in our eyes. We want to get to the fun producing stuff, yet the business of film piece is critical to get right, right from the start. 

Next stop, attorneys and innovative partnerships.  We will keep you posted as we continue to DREAM BIG, DREAM QUIRKY!