We're Not Just Fooling Around

We are a group of independent filmmakers with a vision. Upbeat offbeat programming showcasing the best people have to offer and inspire from around the world. We are building a new company with a new business model. Green, socially responsible, and community oriented we want to show the amazing things ordinary people are out there doing to make a difference in the world.

Join us on our journey from an idea, to a business model, to a lucrative producing organization. It’s proving to be a bumpy ride blazing a new trail. The paperwork just keeps coming, but we are trudging through it with smiles plastered to our faces and tears in our eyes. We want to get to the fun producing stuff, yet the business of film piece is critical to get right, right from the start. 

Next stop, attorneys and innovative partnerships.  We will keep you posted as we continue to DREAM BIG, DREAM QUIRKY!