Quirky Mobile 2015

On Saturday, September 12 our Quirky View, New Mexico State Fair production team, Mary Broemel, Anne Carter Stirling, Karen Cunningham and Jacqueline Murray Loring surprised Albuquerque parade spectators in their Quirky Mobile, a 1932 Ford 1 ½ ton truck.  The truck, donated for the occasion by Paul (Bill) Beck, was decorated celebrating famous New Mexicans in film and television. Kippur Flax designed the truck’s creative film theme decorations with help in construction by Karen Cunningham, Mary Broemel and Jacqueline Murray Loring. 

The Quirky mobile was positioned in the parade as number 105.  Their mission, as they waited in the fairgrounds lot, was to search for quirky stories! Stories of little girls with giga-normous tiaras, a hologram man, minions, high school, country and rock bands, a parade train, horses and tractors are just a few stories our team encountered and documented using their

cell-phone cameras. It was a Quirky View filmmaker dreams come true situation.

Parade spectators were awed by the question “Are you Quirky? and the catchphrase “Get your Quirk on!” Some responded with a polite wave and many with boisterous shouts.  Spectators couldn’t wait to get the attention of the Quirky team member, Karen Cunningham, handing out Quirky View business cards with information on how to learn more on Quirky View’s website and to participate in Quirky View’s photo contest.  The judges at the viewing stand were impressed with the truck and the excitement of a new TV show being produced in Albuquerque.  Finally, thanks to Quirky View team member Winter Elise for her quick turnaround on placing photos of the parade from the production team on social media.

Footage of the parade is planned for a segment on Quirky View.

Congratulations Quirky View!  You know how to “Get your Quirk on!” at a parade!