My realtor friend sent me a flyswatter in the shape of a house, as part of her promotional, remember-me swag. It is a flyswatter in the shape of a red flex-plastic house, with holes and a chimney. It does the job I must say. It seems some kind of cluster fly tribe decided to hunker down somewhere in my home, and got excited by daylight savings time, and now fill up the windows as the sun sets. Loving the warmth perhaps? 

Funny how you can be reading or doing something and then all of a sudden you become aware of this buzzing humming sound . You look up, and OMG, there are 25 flies on the inside of the window that seem to have birthed themselves out of thin air. Maybe it's magic but that's bad magic. Hence the flyswatter. 

Now I googled "where did these house flies come from" and it says they aren't houseflies, they are these cluster flies, bigger and slower. Which is true. You actually can catch some with your finger or hand. If they are on a window screen you can put your finger on one and roll it. They are slow but boy do they multiply out of thin air. It is weird and creepy. Probably not quirky, except when I get that red flyswatter, I may appear quirky....or possessed. Today I swatted over 50, and it seems by ridding yourself of those buzzing critters, it makes room for a whole other army of them. Could they be returning from the dead? 

I have no answers, or a great story to add to Quirky View about Fly Clusters, but it was on my mind, so here I am sharing. And it is a disturbing mystery I seem unable to solve, at least for today.