The Quirk Goes On

The Quirk does goes on whether we are looking or not. 

"Why", asking why, seems an important part of seeing life in a quirky way. Wondering WHY,  leads to so many great stories, and helps blow out the mind's cobwebs and preconceived stickiness. There are many things we trudge along, doing the mainstream or expected thing, we just accept as that's the way it is. And sometimes the way something is, can make us miserable, yet suddenly saying wait a minute, wait a minute, and asking ourselves WHY? well that can just turn a dark day into a rainbow. 

I'm sure we've all been told things by someone older or in authority, "This is how it is done." Or "This is what good people do." And even though we knew ourselves to be a good person, what they were suggesting drained us of energy, maybe even made us feel like we didn't fit. 

There are even subtle behaviors we know regular people don't do, for example, if you were to sing as you walked along the street by yourself, sadly we live in a western world where that would probably get odd looks. And that is just for singing!  Or imagine laughing publicly loudly on one's own? Why now do we interpret those behaviors in certain settings as odd? It might be we have lost a lot of trust and sense of relaxed fun, as when we aren't worried or self-conscious, our behaviors are closer to being our true nature. Human Nature. And asking WHY is a discerning approach, as many of the beliefs or rules we live by and haven't questioned, may not represent us, or our thinking or our sensibilities, our principles or our motivations. So asking WHY is a great liberator to getting to our own quirky truth sometimes.